• Most Saudi women are unaware or misinformed of the relationship between physical fitness and breast cancer prevention
  • Studies have shown that Saudi women are amongst the unhealthiest in the world in terms of dieting and exercise



  • The aim of the campaign was to raise breast cancer awareness through taking a group of 10 Saudi female climbers to Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Adalid developed and implemented a communications programme to include different stakeholders; governmental bodies, NGOs, sponsors/corporate, educational entities and the general public
  • Proactive media relations programme
  • Adalid liaised, managed and coordinated the whole campaign, including managing suppliers and partners (e.g. trekking agency, gear & equipment company, travel agency, advertising agency and different personals)


  • From building the whole communications foundation to managing and implementing small details, such as running a messaging workshop, organising a media training session for the campaign’s official spokespeople
  • Launched the campaign through a round table which was followed by a series of articles, releases and 1-2-1 interviews around the campaign’s goals and breast cancer issues
  • Organised, managed and provided on-the-ground support (went on the trek to Mount Everest)
  • Managed and organised a final event press conference for the campaign
  • Adalid built and co-managed an integrated digital platform for the campaign across different media channels (e.g. social media pages, TVCs and a short film/documentary)


  • 10 Saudi Women succeeded on their trek to Mount Everest Base Camp
  • The campaign demonstrated the strength and determination of Saudi women and proved that through a united front a difference can be made
  • "A Woman's Journey: Destination Mount Everest" campaign attracted considerable attention and received over 200 coverage hits via print, online and broadcasts & over US $1,060,000 in advertising value

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