• Expansion of Makkah tourism sector and the introduction of new laws governing Saudisation has hindered the hotels abilities to recruit and retain colleagues
  • Development an internal communications campaign to attract and retain our colleagues an “employer of choice program” that not only focuses on internal communications but act as a catalyst for local and regional Government relations program. This will involve developing, and sometimes merging, HR programs that had already been established.



  • The campaign’s main objective was to create brand ambassadors and to retain, reward and recognise FRHI’s employees
  • Adalid developed and implemented a communications program to include different stakeholders; the government, employees, schools, universities and the media
  • Developed “employer satisfaction survey”


  • From building the whole communications foundation to managing and implementing small details, such as running a messaging workshop, organising a media training session for the campaign’s official spokespeople (from HR)
  • Launched the campaign through an official press conference which was followed by a series of articles, releases, bi-monthly news letter and 1-2-1 interviews around the campaign’s goals and objectives
  • Entered three of our employees into internationally recognized awards


  • FRHI employees retention rates increased dramatically
  • FRHI’s employee won Hotelier ME Employee of the Year award
  • The campaign generated over 42 media (print & broadcast) hits and over SR 500,000 in advertisement value
  • The campaign achieved its objectives and increased production by employees which was measured through guest surveys

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