• Lack of Jeddah-based media knowledge when it comes to differentiating between CSR and Philanthropy
  • Weak cooperation from the Jeddah-based media in communicating Dallah Albaraka’s CSR activities through their outlets
  • Poor skills and capabilities in reporting CSR initiatives and activities



  • Dallah and Adalid’s main objectives were to utitlise and use Dallah’s existing CSR activities as a benchmark in the Kingdom
  • Adalid researched and built a special CSR workshop tailored to the media in Jeddah
  • Adalid targeted journalists that are specialised in CSR or have shown interest in the subject


  • Adalid secured the venue and liaised with Dallah Albaraka to build a two-day workshop that included team building activities
  • Adalid contacted over 30 journalists and editor-in-chiefs from different publications that are based in Jeddah


  • Adalid secured the attendance of 23 journalists for the two day workshop
  • Survey was conducted after the workshop to determine its effects. The participants’ feedback was excellent; content, facilitators and over all experience (above 4 out of 5)
  • Although no press release was issued, three journalists took it upon themselves to cover the workshop (Three print coverage)

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