• Philips KSA needed to establish an effective communications program that targets key influencers. The principal goal of such a program was to maximize credibility in Philips KSA.
  • Philips was focused on improving patient outcomes and enhancing clinical workflows in Saudi Arabia.



  • Thoroughly educating and enhancing the public profile of Philips KSA with selected local journalists and Key Opinion Leaders who cover Philips KSA business: public sector, private institutions, healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle.
  • Raise awareness of Philips KSA among a broader audience locally to help Philips KSA in general secure a 'Seat at the Table' with key decision makers and influencers in the region.
  • Deepen Philips KSA relationships with key institutional local audience to encourage sustained involvement.


  • Communicated a compelling rationale in Philips KSA through its history and track record not just in the Region but Globally.
  • Developed a research with the “Economist” on the current state of Saudi health care and innovations.
  • Through press coverage, we will build awareness and recognition of the real value of Philips KSA. When the story and timing are right, coverage in the key national/trade media increased visibility within target audiences. This publicity also reinforced the same positive messages to employees, potential partners and existing clients.
  •  Positive media coverage which provided strong third-party endorsement of Philips KSA.


  • The formulation of forum with the Ministry of Health that was headed by Philips KSA.
  • The creation of a committee by the Ministry of Health on the recommendations of the Philips Economist white paper.

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